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Our Impact

Our Impact

The Johnson County Recycling District was created by Indiana State Statute in 1991 to help our community reduce, reuse, recycle and properly dispose of solid waste. The District provides services and information aimed at diverting waste from landfills and keeping hazardous materials out of our soil, air and water.

Every waste reduction, reuse or recycling effort you make extends the life of a landfill, improves the environment, reduces pollution and conserves natural resources. Making Johnson County a better place to live!

Ways you can contribute to a more sustainable Johnson County:

Annual Reporting and Data

What the Community is saying about JCRD…

Thank you for coming in and doing the EnviroSurvivor program with the students. I know that they learned a lot from the experience, and they really enjoyed it. We are looking forward to doing the program again next year!

Shelley Kirk

Thanks so much for the lesson you did today with my class. My kids couldn’t stop talking about what we did and how we recycle. I even got excited to tell my husband about what we did today! You really explained everything so well and my kids really enjoyed it. Thanks again for coming!

Desirae Bockelman

Thanks for all you do with the organizations you help, the classes you offer and the educational programs for children. So much more than a drop-off center

Tara Rucker

Thanks for coming to my kindergarten class today. The kids really enjoyed it! In fact, their hot ham and cheese sandwiches were wrapped in foil at lunch and they mentioned about recycling it!

Allison Clark

As I get older, my doctor requires me to get on and off different medications; and there are times I'm left with unfinished bottles. I Googled places near me to dispose of the unused medication and was happy to see Johnson County Recycling lists old medicine multiple drop off locations.

Jan Anderson