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Citizen’s Advisory Committee

Citizen's Advisory Committee

The Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) is mandated by the State of Indiana to advise the board of directors and address specific questions from that board. The CAC is to be comprised of citizens who are truly interested in the subject of solid waste, not political appointees. The board may ask the CAC to study environmental issues specific to that county. The CAC would then present its findings and other recommendations to the board. In addition, the CAC is tasked with assisting the SWMD with a proposed budget each year.

  • Shay Hartley, President, Center Grove
  • Mark Appleton, Trafalgar
  • Becky Appleton, Trafalgar
  • Elgin Martin, Franklin
  • Tom Padgett, Franklin
  • Jeff White, Franklin
  • Diane Byers, Greenwood